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About URL Encoder / Decoder

AllToolSet online URL Encoder & Decoder is an automatic tool that can encode and decode URLs or text for you with a single click of a button. To use it, simply paste your URL/text in the text area of the tool and press the submit button. You will then be taken to the result page, where you will be presented with a report of Encoding and Decoded Sections of data.

URL encoding or encoding is a technique used to encode a URL with special characters, because there may be forbidden characters in your URL that must be substituted with special characters. URL Decoding, also known as Percent Decoding, is the process of converting a URL or text into a human-readable format. For example, if you copy a URL from your web browser's address bar, it will be encoded, and in order to understand that URL, you will need to decode it. In such cases, the AllToolSet Url Encoder and Decoder tool can assist.