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About Link Price Calculator

AllToolSet team felt the need for a tool that would assist its users in determining link price, so the AllToolSet team designed tool link price calculator which calculates link price by using a lot of factors such as link page rank, Alexa rank, Dmoz ranking, indexed pages, etc, so by analyzing these all factors AllToolSet link price calculator provides you estimated price of the link. This tool is simple to use; simply enter a URL and press the submit button, and our program will analyze it and provide you with pricing.

The link price symbolizes the link's popularity, reputation, ranking, and worth, or how much one link is worth. Link Price terminology is commonly employed in the advertising sector since it fits best there. For example, if one link costs a lot of money, it means that your ads on it will bring you a lot of traffic, or that the return will be worth it. So the link price also tells you that you should not pay more than that for advertising on it.