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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

AllToolSet Keywords Suggestion Tool is a one-click tool that will scan your webpage content and suggest the best possible keywords for it so that it can be ranked very well in search engine results. To use this tool, simply enter your webpage address and our site spider will analyze your webpage content and generate keywords for you, which you can then copy and add to your website's top keywords meta headers.

In the first place, what are keywords? Keywords are small phrases used by search engines to carry search requests by search engines through its database. For example, if you type online shopping in Google, it will take these two words online shopping and will search through its database looking for online shopping websites. Next, it will display results of online shopping websites on your screen and you will see Amazon, eBay Ali Express etc shopping sites links. So keywords are the most significant element when it comes to searches. When Google Spider scans a webpage, it takes the keywords and content of the webpage and sends it back to its databases, and these keywords are then examined when people search for something in a search engine.