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About Google Index Checker

You might wish to know how many of your web pages are indexed by Google, thus the AllToolSet team created a one-click application that will verify your indexed pages in Google and count them for you. The tool's use is quite simple; simply enter your website and submit; our tool will then run an algorithm to determine how many pages are indexed by Google.

What exactly is Google indexing and why is it important? Well, Google indexing means that how many URLs of your websites are indexed by Google, which means that they are in Google's database and appear in search results when people search. So having a high number of your web pages indexed by Google is better because it will get you more traffic, but another term that matters a lot is position, which means which page your site appears in search results, usually, the first 10 search results pages are good and bring a lot of traffic, to improve URL indexing position it’s better to have quality content because quality content is ranked better by search engines so it improves the position of your website.