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About Google Cache Checker

AlltoolSet Google Cache Checker is a one-click tool that checks whether your webpage exists in the Google cache database and, if so when it was cached. This tool is very simple to use; simply enter your webpage address and submit; our tool will verify each webpage in the Google cache database and provide the results to you.

Google Cache Checker by AlltoolSet is a free tool. As you may be aware, Google is a massive search engine that we use to get information. We type in a word and Google returns a plethora of results. Have you ever wondered how Google accomplishes this? The answer is simple: Google crawls web pages and then catches them on its server. When we type something into Google for which we are searching, Google matches that word against its cache of all web pages of websites that it has crawled. This storage of Google where it stores webpage copies is known as Google Cache.

Checking your webpage in Google cache is very important since Google always ranks fresh content in its searches, and we update fresh information to our website from time to time, but how do we know if Google has crawled our website page or not? The answer is Google cache; if your webpage is in Google cache, it means Google has crawled it. However, there is one more item to consider when Google has crawled. Sometimes we update our webpage content and want new content to appear in Google searches, so we need to check Google cache time on which it was taken, so it's good to know whether Google has an old or new webpage of your site, and if it's an old one, you can ping Google crawler to visit your webpage and make a new cache of it.