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AllToolSet Get Source Code of Webpage Viewers is a one-click utility that will obtain the source code of your webpage so that you may see what is on the backend of the webpage. So the question is, why do I need webpage source code? Well, it's pretty simple; there is a lot of online fraud where you land on fake phishing sites that look like original sites but are not and steal your information, so when you get suspicious of a site, you can find out the truth about whether it's real or fake by viewing the source code of that webpage. Also, if you are a web developer and you like something on a website and want it on your website, for example, if you like the top header of one website and want that beautiful header on your website, you can use our webpage source code viewer tool to get the source code of that header or other web page component that you like and want in your website. This tool is simple to use; simply input the URL of a webpage and press the submit button, and our tool will retrieve the source code for you.

What is the source code of a webpage? To begin, it is important to realize that a website is made up of many web pages. For example, when you go to Facebook, you will see a webpage that displays your profile, another webpage that displays videos, another webpage that displays postings from your friends, and so on. So every webpage you see that has a wonderful look, gorgeous color, content, movies, pictures, and so on is created by CODE, yes code. When modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others display your beautiful webpage on screen, they obtain the webpage source code from the server where the website is housed and then turn this code into visually visible information.