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About Find DNS records

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is the world's largest digital database for the internet. This database provides data about every website on the planet. Every website and equipment connected to the internet is assigned an IP address, which is a digital address. In this database, the domain name of a website is maintained with its IP address. DNS records are data files that inform a web server how to reply to a search browser's request.

If you wish to locate a domain's DNS records, you must use an AllToolSet, which will fetch and display these records for you. To do so, navigate to in your search browser and scroll down the icons until you see the 'Find DNS records' button, then click on it. You may also go straight to the program by copying and pasting into your search browser.

Once there, enter the domain name of the website whose DNS records you want it to retrieve. Press 'Submit,' and the DNS records for the domain will be returned in seconds. You may view all DNS records for a domain here. You may now go through the data and see the IP address stated in the 'A' type entry. 'NS,' 'SOA,' 'MX,' and 'TXT' records will also be included in the list.