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AllToolSet Email Privacy tool is a one-click application that will scan your webpage for any type of email address that you may have inadvertently entered and that the mails bot can collect. This tool is simple to use; simply enter your webpage address and submit. Our tool will then scan the entire webpage for email addresses and present them to you if any are located.

Email Privacy means that the webmaster's email is secure and will not be displayed on the website. If a webmaster places his email address on a website, his privacy is exposed to the outside world. There are a lot of online bots that keep scanning website web pages for email addresses, and these email addresses are collected and stored in a database, then these email addresses are sold to other companies for a good amount of money, and then you can tons of email into your mailbox, and it is also very annoying that every time you log in, you have hundreds of new unwanted mails in your mailbox.