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All ToolS Broken Links Founder is a one-click tool that scans your website's webpage for any 404 links. If any are discovered, it will display how many 404 links were discovered so that they can be eliminated. The tool's operation is quite simple: simply enter your webpage links and submit, and our crawler will visit your website, check it for 404 links, and display the findings.

Broken hyperlinks We can also refer to them as dead links or 404 links, although the most popular designation is 404 links. So the second question is, what are these 404 links? The answer is that 404 links are links to web pages that do not exist, which means you visit it and you land nowhere. When we visit a 404 link, we usually get a response from the webserver stating this webpage 404 is not found.

404 links have a negative impact on site ranking in search engines. As we know, when a search engine crawler visits a web page, it reads it and visits any links it finds. When a crawler finds 404 links in a webpage, it sends negative feedback to the main search engine that this webpage has that many 404 links and its ranking in search results suffer as a result. So it's a good idea to be aware of 404 links and to ensure that your site is free of them.