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If you want to see your website's current SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings according to the Alexa Pagerank system, use RankWatch's Alexa Ranking Checker tool.

The Alexa Pagerank Checker was created by professional developers who specialize in their sector. The module has been tested multiple times, and the majority of the time, an accurate Alexa ranking was provided fairly fast. You can add up to five different domains and see each domain's Alexa rank. To begin, click the 'Check My Alexa Ranking' button, and our Pagerank Checker will generate the Alexa web data in a flash. Alexa Ranking Checker is one of the free tools provided by AllToolSet. AllToolSet's free utilities include the Keyword Suggestion Tool, Redirect Checker, What Is My Browser, and many more. You have an indefinite length of time to check your Alexa rating. Furthermore, our Alexa Ranker generates the report in seconds and includes the current Alexa ranking.